Record A Rap

Record Over a Beat

Choose from a collection of beats to find the one that fits your mood. Press record to spit your rhyme, rap to beats, or sing your heart out.

Send Raps to Friends

Share with Friends

Share your recordings with friends. Whether you record an awesome freestyle, an inside joke, or a simple message, it can be shared between you and friends.

Listen and Reply to Raps

Listen & Reply

Open messages from friends to listen to their creations and directly reply with your own rapchat.


Rapchat App - Record // Screenshot 1
Rapchat App - Playback // Screenshot 2
Rapchat App - Inbox // Screenshot 3
Rapchat App - Beats // Screenshot 4

New beats added every week, to fit any style or mood

Sarah Austin

I can't get enough of Rapchat. It's the next emoji.

Sarah Austin, Entrepreneur / Internet Celebrity
Rapchat love on Twitter

Thanks to Rapchat I've found my true calling

Kate / @13britten
George Strompolos

Rapchat. Finally, a messaging app I can f with.

George Strompolos, CEO/Founder of Fullscreen
Rapchat love on Twitter

If you don't have Rapchat yet you gotta step up your life

Noel Antonisse / @nowitspersoNOEL